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Activities for rainy beach days in pandemic

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite


Rainy days can be a downer, especially if you're only renting for a week. To make it even harder, not every place on the island is open yet due to COVID-19. But instead of reverting back to your common quarantine routine when you're trapped inside, try out some of these ideas today or on a future rainy day. Be sure to read them closely for more specific ideas.

1. Movies

Have a movie marathon and watch your favorite series. Who doesn't love a Harry Potter or Hunger Games marathon? Or binge watch a bunch of classics or new releases.

Better yet: Visit Avalon Free Public Library to check out some of their movies. After quarantine you're probably scrolling through your streaming services wondering if there's anything you haven't watched. Well, not only does Avalon Library have a selection of new releases, but they have a myriad of DVDs that can’t be found on Netflix and other streaming services. For ambiance, consider making a cozy area with pillows and blankets to watch the movie near a glass door or window to watch the storm in the backdrop.

2. Games

It can be hard to find the time to get the whole family to sit down and play games together. But there’s no better time than a rainy day. If you don’t happen to have board games on hand, Hoy’s 5 & 10 has an aisle full.

Better yet: Make your own. For a game such as Monopoly, cut two sheets of paper in half “hot dog” style and tape the four pieces in a square for the outer rim. Look up an image of a Monopoly board for reference, and divide the perimeter into the correct number of spaces. Design them like the classic or use your favorite characters or places such as a Seven Mile Island themed board. Don't forget to make the corresponding property cards. Use any small objects around the house for game pieces, and if dice aren’t at hand, there are free websites that allow you to roll online dice. For Chance and Community Chest, be creative and make up your own, or make it easier and use online trivia such as Disney trivia, allowing the player to roll again if they get it right. Lastly, if players don’t wish to make Monopoly money, players can use a sheet of paper or a calculator to keep track. Each player should start with $1,500 and add and subtract as needed. If players have a printer at home, they can print out supplies for the game to be quicker.

3. Crafts

Crafts can be a hit with kids but also with adults. Bring out your inner creativity with ideas from Pinterest or anything that comes to mind. A favorite is designing seashells. Chances are, you have shells lying around the house from your days at the beach. Spruce them up with paint, spray paint or Sharpies. Another craft is to use color string to make bracelets and anklets that are perfect to sport on the beach.

Better yet: Try making your own face mask from a fabric pattern of your choosing. Instructions can be found online, and supplies that aren’t at hand can be found at local stores such as Hoy’s 5 & 10 or at the nearby Walmart.

4. Hermit Crab races

Hermit crabs can be found at local stores or stores in Wildwood or Cape May with various shell designs that are sure to catch your eye. Take the little critters home, and design a course for them. Be sure to be kind to your new friends and make sure the track isn’t near a ledge such as on a table so that they don’t accidentally fall and crack their shells.

5. The “I’ll do that when I have time” job

Everyone has something they procrastinate doing, claiming they’ll do it when they have time. Well, a rainy day is the perfect time. So, reorganize that closet, clean out the garage or sew that hole in your shirt that’s been lying around.

6. Shop local

Stores will still be open despite a little rain. So, instead of taking time out of your sunny beach day, support local businesses on a day when you wouldn’t be at the beach anyway. The island has plenty of businesses with unique finds to merchandise with the towns’ names on them.

Better yet: Go antiquing at local and nearby shops. To find a list look of antiquing near you. A great place to start: the West End Garage.

7. Cook

Choose a recipe that takes a couple hours to make that you haven’t had the time to try out previously. Run out and grab the ingredients locally from stores such as Bud’s Market, turn on a good playlist and get to cooking.

Better yet: Have a cook-off. Choose one recipe and have everyone in the family make their own version. At the end, choose a winner and enjoy everyone’s recipe.

8. Spa day

Use this time to pamper yourself. Start by putting on some soothing music, lighting a few candles, putting on a face mask — not the kind you have to wear during COVID-19— and taking a bath. Consider a leave-in hair conditioning treatment as well. And of course, top it off by painting your toes and fingernails.

Better yet: Visit a local hair or nail salon or spa for treatments or even get a massage.

9. Arcade

Visit arcades nearby for a day of ski ball and more. This is a great way to get the whole family involved. Don’t forget your mask, and be sure to bring sanitation wipes or sanitizer. For a wide range of arcades, visit the Wildwood boardwalk just over the bridge at the end of Stone Harbor.

10. Make a home movie

Get creative, choose a plot line, decide costumes and an indoor set and hit record. This seemingly silly task can easily become a masterpiece with some simple editing. Trust me, 10 years down the road you’ll recall this day and be digging through your computer files to pull it up and have a laugh. So, ready, set, action!

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