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Preseason Beach Badges for Sale at Discounted Rate

Starting May 25 — the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend — beach tags will be required for everyone 12 and up until September 2. And as of March 1, the preseason beach badges for Avalon and Stone Harbor are available for purchase, in person and online.

This year's Avalon tag design features a drawing of the lifeguard boat with the Avalon Fishing Pier in the background. The Stone Harbor tag has an adirondack chair propped near the dunes, overlooking the ocean.

Tags can be bought at the Beach Tag Booth, located at 3001 Avalon Ave. The booth is open on weekends from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., and on April 27, the booth will be open daily. Tags will also be sold at the Avalon Chamber of Commerce. Cash, credit cards and checks are accepted.

Both the Avalon and Stone Harbor tags are valid to use interchangeably between the two towns. Preseason badges can be bought for $33 per person until May 31, then seasonal badges will rise to $40 on June 1.

Until May 10, checks and money order by mail will also be accepted for the preseason rate. A receipt will be mailed back, which can then be used to exchange for badges.

In season, daily passes with be $8 and weekly passes will be $17 per person.

Both the Stone Harbor and the Avalon tags can be purchased online via the Jersey Cape Tags online store. Looking to start a beach tag collection or have one but are missing a few years? You can also purchase badges from previous years on the website.


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