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Avalon beach tag preseason price ends next week

News brief

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite

2020 tags. Photo | Shanna Kelly

Avalon mayor Martin Pagliughi extended the sale of preseason-priced beach badges from June 1 to June 30. The cost of a preseason seasonal badge is $25. Starting July 1, the seasonal badge will increase to $30.

Additionally, beach tags will not be required in Avalon until July 3. This means that beach badges will be required for the Fourth of July weekend as normal.

However, beach tags are required in Stone Harbor as of May 22, and seasonal badges increased to full price on June 1.

Tags are interchangeable between the two towns.

The Stone Harbor Beach Tag office is located on 95th Street and Avalon's Beach Tag Booth is located on 30th Street. Beach tags can also be purchased from beach tag inspectors.

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