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Editor's Picks: 96th pretzels, beer

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite

Photo | Shanna Kelly
Editor's Picks #1: Stone Harbor Bar & Grill soft pretzel bites and queso paired with Slack Tide's Angry Offsprey IPA

Last summer was a Women's World Cup year. As a big women's soccer family, my mom and I decided to go out to watch all the USA matches. Our location of choice: Stone Harbor Bar & Grill.

Most of the games were during the early afternoon, and we didn't want to miss out on any beautiful days. This location was perfect with its large windows that open into town.

Stone Harbor Bar & Grill also had multiple TV screens so that everyone could see no matter where they were at the bar and high top section.

Photo | Shanna Kelly

An added bonus: There were speakers for the game in the bathroom, so we didn't miss a single play.

But the best asset to this location was, and still is, its food and drink. Stone Harbor Bar & Grill has an excellent selection of appetizers.

Typically, we choose a few, and that's out meal. The absolute best appetizer on the menu is the soft pretzel bites, which come with a homemade queso side for dipping.

This dish has rapidly become something my whole family has cravings for, especially in the off season. Even friends who we've introduced to the pretzels insist it's a must that they return to Stone Harbor Bar & Grill.

Photo | Shanna Kelly

If you're an IPA person, the pretzels pair perfectly with Slack Tide's Angry Offsprey IPA, which is frequently on tap at Stone Harbor Bar & Grill.

This refreshing beer, the salty pretzels and the cheesy dip will have your mouth watering.

In fact, I think I'm in the mood for a trip to Stone Harbor downtown after this.

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