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In-person religious services

News brief

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite

Maris Stella catholic church. Photo | Shanna Kelly

Public religious celebrations began June 13 on the island. On only the second weekend after the reopening, parking lots were busy.

Prior to the opening of Maris Stella and St. Paul Church, Rev. Mark Cavagnaro released a video entailing the guidelines and restrictions. Based on state regulations and that of the diocese, the two catholic churches are only able to open to 25% capacity.

Additionally, everyone except children under the age of two are required to wear a mask, and those deemed of high risk are asked not to attend.

Rev. Cavagnaro reminds viewers in the video that the "requirement to attend Sunday mass has been dispensed.

Both parishes are utilizing one entrance and two exits. The entrance to St. Paul Church is on 3rd Ave., and Dune Drive for Maris Stella.

Once community members enter, individuals and couples are seated toward the center of the pews while groups of three or more are seated toward the ends.

Communion lines require six feet between individuals. They must approach with their mask on and wait until they reach the designated area on the side to lift their mask for the Eucharist. Guests must immediately exit the church after communion where they will find the weekly donation box outside.

While state guidelines lay out a path for in-person religious services, additional guidelines or restrictions may vary for each parish.

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