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Tropical Storm Isaias island damage

News brief

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite

Submitted photos | Brian Kelly


As the sun comes out and the storm slows, islanders can begin to asses the damage. As seen in the gallery below, there are trees down on 38th and 69th Street in Avalon, 96th Street by the tennis courts and 92nd Street in Stone Harbor and wires down on 96th and 2nd Ave at the town intersection.

The traffic lights on 3rd Ave near town are flashing all three colors at once. Other damage includes paneling and gutters being torn away and awning destruction. Additionally, the sand on the beach has a 1-2 foot drop off.

Power went out for some locations on the island including 7th and Sunrise, 22nd Street, 7th Street, 13th and Ocean drive, 21st Street, 16th Street and more.

Islanders should still remain cautious, especially near down lines and trees.

We are accepting information and photos of other damage via social media messaging and our email

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