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Tuesdays at the Tower starts summer with largest crowd yet

Staff report

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite

Originally published 15 July 2019

Photos | Shanna Kelly

Tuesday’s at the Tower is a free concert at the “iconic” Stone Harbor water tower put on by the Chamber of Commerce and the Borough of Stone Harbor. It’s a “fun family activity” that offers beer and wine and occasionally, raffles and food such as soft pretzels. Starting the Tuesday after the Fourth of July until the Tuesday before Labor Day, the concerts are held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. 

“You can come after work, … meet your friends, relax for an hour and a half,” Jenny Olson, the tourism director for the Borough of Stone Harbor, said. 

The concerts date back six years. 2014 was Stone Harbor’s centennial celebration. To celebrate, the Borough of Stone Harbor put on a concert series featuring the Jersey Shore Pops Orchestra. The celebration was a success, so the Chamber of Commerce approached the borough about continuing it for the following years. 

Over the past six years, attendance has grown so much that people show up early, prepared with their beach chairs. Marnie Lengle, the coordinator for the Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce, credits this attraction to the atmosphere.

“Summer and live music are something that go together,” Lengle said.

The concert series offers a different music theme each week. Tomorrow’s will be a Beatles tribute by the Love Me Dudes.

“We get good local entertainment, we don’t really have to go far for the entertainment,” Olson said.

Lengle chooses the performers, which is fitting since she’s also a local musician. 

“It’s a bonus for me to be able to really decide on what I think everybody wants to, you know, kick back and relax too,” Lengle said.

Lengle tries to choose “feel-good music” that has “stood the test of time.” 

Overall, the goal of the event is to draw people downtown, so that they spend time visiting the local shops and restaurants. The borough and chamber also support local businesses by having a local Chamber of Commerce business as a sponsor each week and through their alcohol selection.

“We try our best to offer local beer and wine at the concert,” Lengle said.

They either get the alcohol from a local liquor store such as Fred’s Tavern or purchase directly from local businesses such as Hawk Haven. 

According to Lengle, last week’s concert, the first one of the summer, was the biggest attendance to date.

Last week’s concert with its high attendance.

“It was the perfect night,” Lengle said. “There had to be close to 1,000 people there [Tuesday] night, which was really great for, you know, a little parking lot concert.”

The next concert is tomorrow night:

“Bring your kids, bring your dog,” Olson said.

Shanna Kelly is a writer and editor for the Seven Mile Satellite. Contact her at

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