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URGENT: Tropical Storm Isaias

News brief

Shanna Kelly | Seven Mile Satellite


Tropical Storm Isaias is moving up the east coast right now. The rain has slowed, but with this, comes heavier winds. Right now, in Atlantic City, the wind is 36 mph with 61 mph gusts. There is a flash flood warning in the area right now even though it's past high tide.

There's also a legitimate tornado threat. A tornado was in Strathmere, NJ, which is just south of Atlantic City, this morning. Stay tuned into the news, especially in these morning and early afternoon hours to keep an eye on tornado warnings.

The tornados are coming through at over 60 mph and are surrounded by lots of rain, making them hard to see.

Stay indoors and away from windows, and by all means stay off the beaches and out of the water. Watch for flooding in houses, and charge devices in case the power goes out. Keep flashlights and candles nearby if these items are in one's house.

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